The Ghoul Cast

Strange Strangers Talking About Strangeness

Episode 92 – Spoiler Warning

In which we talk lots of spoiler, spoiler, SPOILERS!

Episode 93 – Romantic Horror

In which we talk about romance in horror.

Episode 94 – Women In Horror Month

Episode 95 – The Misuse of the Legends

In which we talk about the misuse of horror’s legendary actors in crappy movies.

Episode 98 – Light, Darkness, Dreamscapes, Crypto

In which Lucifer Fulci and Scarah Stashko talk about crypto-zoological creatures and interview Stephen R. Bissette.

Episode 99 – Remakes and Reboots

In which Paul and Chris talk about films and franchises they’d like to see rebooted and how they’d do it.

Episode 100 – The Big 100!

In which the ghouls get together to celebrate one hundred episodes of weird.

Episode 101 – Horror in the age of Covid

In which Chris talks about how horror will look after the pandemic.

2020 Year In Review

in which Jen, Paul, and Chris talk about 2020.